[Video] Galaxy S22 vs Pixel 7 ultimate camera comparison: Who won?

The Galaxy S22 offers one of the best mobile cameras within its price range, but smartphone users have also praised Google’s Pixel smartphones for their powerful camera AI systems. So, which one is better at mobile photography? The Galaxy S22 or the new Google Pixel 7? We try to answer this question in our new, in-depth side-by-side comparison video, which you can watch below.

In our Galaxy S22 vs Pixel 7 camera comparison video, we take a close look at the mobile photography capabilities of these phones across different areas, including landscape photos, selfie photos, and selfie videos, both in daylight and at night.

And to get one detail out of the way right now: yes, the Galaxy S22 has an inherent advantage in telephoto shots thanks to its dedicated 3x optical zoom camera. The Pixel 7 has to make do with digital zoom, which can’t match the S22’s optical zoom capabilities — limited to 3x as they are. As a result, the Galaxy S22 can create photos in portrait mode with better background blur compared to the Pixel 7.

Another interesting tidbit is that, although the Pixel 7 camera gravitates towards more natural colors and skin tones, the S22’s vivid approach can be better in some cases. At the very least, the Galaxy S22 appears to capture more details in most situations and has better focus. It’s worth noting that these differences between Google’s and Samsung’s approaches to mobile photography were also evident in leaked Galaxy S23 sample photos. So it is a trend that may continue into 2023.

If the Pixel 7 has one clear advantage over the Galaxy S22, it might be in 4K video recording using the rear cameras, primarily because Google’s phone allows for a seamless 4K recording experience when users switch between the wide and ultrawide lenses.

Ultimately, as the saying goes, “it’s better to show than tell.” So make sure to check out our video below for a much more in-depth look at how the Galaxy S22 and Pixel 7 cameras perform in different situations and which one might be a better fit for you. And if you decide that the Galaxy S22 is better, don’t forget that Samsung has some pretty attractive Black Friday deals this time of year.

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