JioPhone Next launching in India soon from Google, Jio Platforms

JioPhone Next Google JIO Android

Google has a mighty presence in India. It’s not really surprising because the CEO himself was from the country. Google has recently teamed up with another Indian company known as Jio. Actually, the good news was first heard last year. We mentioned Google started investing in Jio to build cheap Android smartphones for India. The first project is now fulfilled as the JioPhone Next is almost ready. The Android team has acknowledged the need for affordability, reliable connectivity, and availability. That said, Google and Jio’s efforts bring a made-for-India device.

The JioPhone Next is a powerful device in a small form. It was designed based on optimizations to the Android OS and the Play Store. It’s even ideal for those who have really never used a smartphone. It comes with voice-first features for easier phone navigation and content consumption. The phone also offers the latest Android features, security updates, and impressive imaging features.

Jio devices will use Google Assistant to finish tasks. You can do more with Jio apps and Android like listening to any content on your phone or translating them, thanks to the Read Aloud and Translate Now features.

The two features can work on any content on the phone screen from apps to websites to messages and photos. Also included are other App Actions Google Assistant, Jio Saavn for playing music, and My Jio. When it comes to imaging, Google and Jio worked with Snap to add Indian-specific Snapchat Lenses into the camera of the phone. There will also be built-in Google Play Protect.

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