TiVo will release Android TV streaming stick after TiVo Plus

Yes, if you’re wondering, TiVo is still alive despite all the recent technological advances we’ve had when it comes to digital television. And apparently, they also now want to get into the somewhat crowded market of Android TV streaming sticks. They will soon be launching a device similar to Chromecast, Fire TV stick, Roku Stick, etc. This comes after a recently announced TiVo Plus device that will arrive in markets this fall. So you could say the company is still here to play.

TiVo was once a popular brand that even turned into a verb, back in the day when people wanted to save live shows for watching later on but didn’t want to fire up their VCRs or something. But they eventually faded into somewhat obscurity and just became a nostalgic reference for those who remembered what it was. But actually, they were still around although they couldn’t keep up with all the newest developments when it came to the television market.

Now they are set to release a still-unnamed product that is basically a streaming stick that will run Android TV on your television screen. According to TiVo CEO Dave Shull, this product will hit the market in early 2020 and will cost consumers $50. They are targeting a different market than the one that still knows them and will offer an alternative to the already established brands in the stick streaming industry. It will also come out after their other new product, TiVo Plus.

TiVo Plus is actually a free service in the US that will offer recommended videos based on what you watch on the other video streaming services you signed up for like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, etc. This is just in case you need to find even more videos to binge-watch. It will be powered by artificial intelligence to determine the recommendations. The streaming stick will also be using AI to recommend more content as well.

We’ll bring you more news as soon as pricing and availability will be announced. Now as to whether there are still people looking for Android TV streaming sticks, we’ll find out when TiVo takes the plunge.

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