The Galaxy A53 doesn’t ship with a charger, except where it does?!

Samsung is trying to keep the planet cleaner by removing wall chargers from the retail boxes of most of its recent smartphones. The Galaxy A53 is one of them, as many of you know. But interestingly enough, it looks like Samsung is giving wall chargers to Galaxy A53 customers in at least one market, namely Brazil.

The Galaxy A53 is now available in Brazil from Samsung’s e-shop for BRL 2,699 ($565). And although the online store makes no mention of a 15W wall charger being in the retail box, Brazilian customers appear to be getting the Galaxy A53 alongside this accessory.

More so, the FAQ of authorized Samsung retailer “Americanas” happens to specify the inclusion of the charger inside the Galaxy A53 retail box. In addition, the same accessory was spotted in at least one Brazilian YouTuber’s Galaxy A53 unboxing video.

Previously, Samsung’s reasoning behind the wall charger’s removal was that most smartphone users today already have a leftover charger from a previous (Samsung) phone. With that in mind, removing the wall charger from retail boxes and continuing selling them as optional accessories should benefit customers and the environment alike.

Now then, the question is, why does the Galaxy A53 come with a charger in Brazil? There’s no official word on the matter, but perhaps Samsung ran the numbers and felt like not enough customers in Brazil have a compatible charger already.

It’s unclear if other markets besides Brazil are also getting the Galaxy A53 paired with a 15W charger, but we’ll keep you posted if we find out more. And if you have purchased the Galaxy A53, feel free to let us know of your wall charger situation in the comment section below.

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