Realme X2 Pro arriving in Asia, Europe as a new flagship phone

Realme X2 Pro Concept

Xiaomi’s Realme sub-brand is slowly getting traction in the mobile industry. It’s more for the budget category because of the low prices but with specs that are mid-range. Today, some things are changing because Realme is launching a more premium phone in the form of the Realme X2 Pro. The Pro in the name makes us want to believe it is ready for pro use but with just about any other standard smartphone functions. The phone is said to be going to Asia and Europe in the coming weeks.

The Realme X2 Pro will come with a quad-camera system on the rear. We can highlight the 64MP camera with f/1.8 main lens, 20X hybrid zoom, and a 115-degree wide-angle lens. There’s also a telephoto lens and portrait lens for close-up shots. To improve photos taken at night, there is the Nightscape 2.0-night mode.

Other specs and features of the Realm X2 Pro phone include a large 6.55-inch full-HD screen and a Snapdragon 855+ processor. The latest premium chipset from Qualcomm is one major proof the phone is high-end. There is also the 20X hybrid zoom that makes the camera system more advanced. There is no information on pricing, release date, and other features but the Realme team will be making an official announcement in Madrid. The Realme X2 Pro will be introduced as a new flagship phone.

‘Dare to Leap’ is presently the brand’s motto. It simply means Realme can disrupt the market with whatever innovation it will come up with. It takes after Xiaomi who definitely knows tech and innovation. Realme isn’t the only Xiaomi sub-brand that distributes. There’s also the Redmi and the Pocophone series.

Expect future Realme phones to offer top performance, speed, power, attractive designs, and premium quality but still being inexpensive. This Realme X2 Pro will be released in Europe and Asia together with other realme devices.

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