Opera’s new tracker blocker can increase performance by 20 percent

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Opera’s new built-in tracker blocking feature improves the web browser’s performance by 20 percent according to Opera (via PC World). It also stops items from “stalking” you around the web by showing up in ads after you’ve looked at an item or purchased an item online. Opera also gained support for an Enhanced Snapshot tool that makes it easy to create memes.

Opera is a browser that prioritizes privacy. It already includes a built-in ad blocker and a VPN. Now, users can opt to block tracking scripts as well. Tracking scripts are what allow ads to display items that you’ve looked at on online retailers. In addition to preventing items from “stalking” you around the web, Opera also claims that blocking trackers can improve the browser’s performance by 20 percent.

In addition to the built-in tracker blocker, Opera gained an Enhanced Snapshot tool. With it, you can draw on an image of a webpage, blur parts of it, and add text. The browser supports adding Impact font, which is the font of choice for meme makers.

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