Nickelback wants you to look at photographs on Google Photos

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Nickelback Google Photos Look at your photographs 4

It’s no secret that Nickelback has become the subject of several jokes for a time. But who’s going to laugh now that tech giant Google tapped the Canadian rock band to star in a new ad. Using one of the band’s most popular songs “Photograph”, Google is reminding us to look at our photographs. As if we don’t always check our phones and social media profiles for old photos, the company is advertising Google Photos. We’re not exactly sure why but we find the ad on Youtube amusing.

Perhaps the millenials don’t know the band and the songs but the Google Photos ad may be the perfect introduction. It is like a parody music video and it’s actually funny if you know the song the music video.

Nickelback also wrote the new version of the song. Basically, the ad is to show off the features of the Google Photos. If you don’t understand the ad, we suggest you watch the original version.

Google made a new version of the video’s intro. Instead of a photo frame, lead singer Chad Kroeger is holding a smartphone we’re assuming is a Pixel phone. It’s more a throwback to some 15 years ago but now modernized.

Google Photos Features

Google Photos have many features, in case you didn’t know. Those features have been shown off in the video including categories based on the type of photos.

The video was posted yesterday. As of this writing, it has 110,000 (110k views). With Google having 9.65M subscribers, we’re surprised it hasn’t reached a million views yet. Maybe after this, more people will check out the ad.

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