Google testing out a unified app for all its services

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There are a lot of Google apps and services that you can install on your phone and use to make your life more productive and convenient. But it can sometimes take a toll on your device’s storage and memory. What if a lot of these products can be just under one app? If reports are to be believed, that is what we can expect in the near future. They are now reportedly testing out a “unified app” that has been designed and created for use in your workplace and will possibly be under G Suite.

A report is saying that Google is currently working on a communications app that will bring under its umbrella all the relevant apps that you need for work or work-related things. It will let you check your email, send messages, make video calls, and hopefully other productivity tools that you may need like calendar, to-do list, reminders, etc. The unified app, which is still unnamed at this point may actually be part of the G Suite so its target are companies that use this service.

While a lot of people probably use different apps for different things like email, calendar, and other productivity needs, there are also a lot of “loyal” Google users that would prefer to use all things Google to make sure you have seamless and interconnected tools. So having a unified app will prove useful as you can have all your Gmail, Drive, Hangouts (and its various iterations), Calendar, and other Google things you will need for work.

The sources say they are already in the testing phase of this unified app. It doesn’t have a name yet so we will continue to refer to it as such. What will probably be confusing for some is having another version of Hangouts here when the already existing stand-alone or integrated versions are already pretty confusing. You have Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, Hangouts for G Suite, and other iterations.

Hopefully, Google will be able to streamline all of these various products for both consumer-tiers and G Suite users. The unified app will be especially useful for businesses that would just want to have one app for employees to download and for the IT department to manage. We’ll probably find out more about it once it goes to official beta testing.

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