New Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite leaked renders paint the tablet in a different color

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The Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, or what might end up being called the Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite, was leaked in a handful of press renders yesterday, showcasing the tablet in pink / rose gold along with appropriately colored Book Cover and S Pen accessories. Well, it looks like the floodgates may have been opened, as a few other press renders have now leaked to reveal the same Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite and accessories in a different color option.

As reported a couple of months ago, the Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite is expected to hit the shelves in at least four color options: pink, silver, green, and black, the latter of which can now be seen in the image gallery below.

Renders for the other color options have yet to be leaked, but regardless, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to visualize the Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite in a different color. Silver is as common as it can be, and the shade of green will likely match the Book Cover’s green color, as seen in yesterday’s leaked images.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ Lite is expected to have a generous 12.4-inch display — hence the Plus designation — though it won’t be powerful enough to shake off the Lite label. It’s expected to sport the Snapdragon 750G SoC and 4GB of RAM at minimum.

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