Microsoft Teams can now make you translucent to show off whiteboards

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Microsoft Teams recently gained support for content cameras. These cameras work with Microsoft Teams to identify a whiteboard and use image processing to show off the contents of the whiteboard even if a person walks in front of the whiteboard. The feature works in Microsoft Teams Rooms which can be used to enhance meetings with a wide range of peripherals. Only three cameras can be used as content camera inside Microsoft Teams right now.

A Microsoft Docs page includes a detailed guide on how to set up a camera to work with Microsoft Teams. It also has a video that shows off the ability to make a presenter translucent. When Microsoft Teams works with a content camera, the system records everything that’s written on a whiteboard and makes content visible at all times. As soon as a presenter moves out the way, content is saved and then remains on the screen even when the presenter blocks the view of the whiteboard.

Randy Chapman is the Head of Consulting Focusing on Microsoft Teams and shared a video of the feature in action. He also breaks down how it works and how to set it up in a post on UC Status.

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