Gaming phones must pass the Game Device Certification program

Gaming Phones

As mentioned earlier, Google is requiring a number of things for new Android devices. For one, there is Digital Wellbeing or related solutions as a major requirement since most OEMs are also looking into it. Android 10 must be ready and approved as well. There’s also that step to hide OEM gesture navigation systems. We learned recently about the Game Device Certification program but it is mainly for Android gaming phones. This device certification has been set by the tech giant.

Gaming phones are nothing new but they’re not exactly as popular yet. We know only a few like the Razer Phones, Black Shark, ASUS ROG Phones, and the Nubia Red Magic series. These gaming-centric phones must be standardized and so the certification program enters the scene.

From the premium tier, these gaming phones are now found within the mid-range categories. This means more people can afford them. They are usually powered by MediaTek or Qualcomm.

With the Game Device Certification program, Google can ensure that more Android devices can be trusted. Google Mobile Services’ requirements for ODMs and OEMs include minimum specs, tech requirements, and the said certification program.

A Google document discovered has revealed some additional Android Platform Requirements. Included are the Gaming Device Certification technical requirements that must be met by the OEMs. Once met or approved, a phone can be considered a gaming device. The said special requirements are as follows: Vulkan Graphics API 1.1 support, pass the OpenGL ES/Vulkan graphics conformance tests, meet other Choreographer and SurfaceFlinger requirements, and a minimum of 2.3GB RAM.

There is no public confirmation or announcement yet about the Game Device Certification program but it’s something we think will be helpful. Gaming phones are in a category of their own so they must be regulated. Meeting requirements should be fairly easy especially if an OEM is really serious in selling the gaming devices.

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