Microsoft Edge Dev channel can now block autoplaying media

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Microsoft is marching forward with its weekly update cadence for the Microsoft Edge Dev channel, shipping another update today. This update brings several fresh features to the browser, along with a slew of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The most notable addition in this build is Edge’s ability to automatically block autoplay media on websites. The option can be enabled by going to edge://settings/content/mediaAutoplay and toggling it on.

In addition, new tab pages now work with Edge’s dark mode. There are also new options for the browser’s tracking prevention, allowing you to create a list of exceptions and see a list of all the trackers Edge has ever blocked.

Finally, the new tab page will now let you scroll through Bing daily images, personalize the topics you see from the news feed, and turn the news feed off completely.

Here’s a look at the rest of this update’s release notes:

The Edge team says that it expects to release a couple of minor additions to the Dev channel later this week, but there will be no new features. For more on this release, you can check out Microsoft’s full release notes. Otherwise, this update is available for Dev channel testers now or, if you haven’t tried the new browser yet, as a download from the Edge Insider website.

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