Mention of “OnePlus Pods” appear in the OnePlus 8 Android 11 Beta

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Shortly after the first Beta build of Android 11 launched for Pixel devices, OnePlus launched a Beta program for the newest duo of OnePlus phones. Within the first Beta build on the OnePlus 8, an XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username has discovered a string of text that mentions the upcoming TWS earbuds.
 XDA-DevelopersSource: XDA-Developers
XDA-Developers dug deeper into the build and discovered many more mentions of the name “OnePlus Pods”. It also uncovered a package called “com.oneplus.twspods” which includes some elements for reading individual battery levels from a left and right earbud. It also appears the buds will have some double-tap controls for music playback.
Leaked image of OnePlus Pods/BudsLeaked image of OnePlus Pods/Buds
Last month, we saw a drawing of what these TWS earbuds are supposed to look like. Although, back then, they were referred to as the OnePlus “Buds”. It’s still possible that the final name of the earbuds will change. The OnePlus Pods, or Buds, will be announced sometime in July, as per previous reports.


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