It’s time to update your Surface Pro X’s firmware

Surface Pro XSource: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X recently received a firmware update. Specifically, models of the Surface Pro X with an SQ2 or SQ1 processor and LTE connectivity have an update available. The Wi-Fi-only version of the Surface Pro X hasn’t received an update since January 2022.

Here’s everything that’s in the firmware update:

  • Improves system stability and resolves system bugcheck.
  • Improves Camera performance.
  • Enables support for new Surface Type Cover.
  • Improves integration with Surface Dock 2.
  • Improves trackpad accuracy.
  • Improves Bluetooth performance.

To update your Surface Pro X, it needs to be running the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (version 20H1) or greater.

You may need to take some additional steps following the update. “There is an issue initiating the Eye Contact feature on the February 28, 2022 update on devices that have taken the Windows 11 update,” says Microsoft. The company outlines a workaround for this issue.

To turn the feature on or off, you need to toggle it within the Windows Settings app. People with affected systems will have to perform these steps every time they open the Camera app:

  1. Select Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Camera > Surface Camera Front or Surface Camera Rear
  2. Toggle the Eye Contact feature.

Microsoft is working on a permanent solution for the issue.

The specific drivers that have been updated are detailed in a Microsoft support document.

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