Defeat other mages and grow the biggest beard in MageQuit

MageQuit is an indie game that is, appropriately enough, based around mage-on-mage combat. Developed and published by Bowlcut Studios, this spellcasting title sees different mages draft spells then engage in battle, in teams or in a free-for-all. With each victory, your mage’s beard will grow longer. At the end of nine rounds, the mage with the longest beard is the winner. You can check out the launch trailer for MageQuit below:

The spell drafting system and the ability to only hold a certain number of spells means you’ll need to think carefully about just what magic will provide the best advantage over your pernicious preternatural peers. There’s currently 42 different spells to draft from and more are coming in the future.

You can play online with up to ten players or get a local brawl going with eight players. Or take your beardly party online, there’s that option too. MageQuit is currently available on Xbox One and Steam. If you are playing on PC, it’s recommended that you use a controller.

Spells away!


Who has the biggest beard?

MageQuit is a charming magic battle brawler where above all, when spells have been drafted and battles have been fought, there’s one simple question to ask: who has the longest beard?

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