Best watch faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active 2

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active 2 aren’t just two of the best smartwatches you can buy, they’re also two of the most customizable.


With third-party watch faces available in the Tizen Store alongside the pre-loaded options you get out of the box, you’ll never be short of something new on your wrist.

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But who wants to trawl through all those faces? Nobody – that’s why we’ve picked out the top ones for you.

Whether you have the Galaxy Watch or the Active 2, explore some of our favorites below.

1. My Day

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Let’s kick things off with Samsung’s own My Day watch face – one it touted all the way back when it debuted the Galaxy Watch. As you might have already deduced, this one gives you a glanceable look at – drumroll, please – your day.

It syncs with your calendar to give you a tab for when you’re getting close to events (in our case, a features meeting), and clicking it pops open the details in a mini-screen.

Since this is a Samsung-own face, there’s also room to customise. If you hold down the face, you’ll be given the option to change the style of the hands, as well as mute/unmute toggling for the ticking sound.

2. Frontier

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Present on the Gear S3, the Frontier watch face is also one to be refreshed for the Galaxy Watch.

It’s an analogue look, with three dials to indicate how close you are to your goal in steps and floors, as well as how far along the sun is from rising/setting. A neat touch on this face is that the shine effect (running diagonally on the example above) moves with your wrist.


If you want to customise this one, you’ll get two different styles of hands and can toggle the dials on/off and do the same with the ticking sound. Great for those who, unlike users of the Large face (below), can adequately tell the time using those tricky hands.

3. Rings

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Samsung debuted Rings through the Gear Sport, but the face has been given an upgrade for the Galaxy Watch Active. Now, the Rings have a depth effect which you can toggle, meaning the rings move around with your wrist.

As with My Day the colour of the rings can be changed, from the blue palette shown above to green and orange equivalents. The best option for those who want to keep an eye on their steps taken and floors travelled, we just wish it came with the choice to mix up what activity metrics were shown.

4. G-Watch

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Essentially a souped-up version of Samsung’s Frontier face, the G-Watch gives you neat looks at your battery life, heart rate and your step goal – as well as the day and date on the right-hand side. Head to the Galaxy App Store to sync this one – perfect for those who have the same midnight black case as we do above.

5. Large

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Hey, what’s with all these smartwatches masquerading as classical timepieces? With Large, you can take things into the new age and leave the analogue life where it belongs – in the past. This face from Samsung gives you the quickest look at the actual time and also lets you customise which widgets sit above and below the time. Pick from heart rate, battery, the date, steps or floors, or just leave it blank to keep things simple.

6. Dashboard

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

Similar to the Large watch face, Dashboard has a little bit more meat on the screen. And by meat, we actually mean widgets. Not only can you pick from 12 different colours, but each of the four spaces around the digital time can be customised to prioritise either battery, date, steps, weather, sunrise/sunset time, world clock, barometer, floors or heart rate. You also have the option to shortcut to your exercise app or music.


7. Samsung Black

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

You’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Watch, so, hey, why not shout about it with the Samsung Black face? If you’re a true Sammy fanboy, head over to the to Galaxy Apps area of the device and pick this one up. Granted, there’s no shine effect (like with Frontier), or ability to change the colour, but it’s a good one to keep in the rotation.

8. Fiore

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

If you’re looking for a face that has a more unique design, the free Fiore watch face is a good shout. Just look for it in the Galaxy Apps watch face store, it’ll be near the top of the charts. And for good reason, it’s got some flowery loveliness – just in time for spring. There’s an Alice In Wonderland quality to the font here, and the flower petals will change colour every day, so your watch face won’t get old.

9. Rose Gold Special Edition

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

If you got the Rose Gold Galaxy Watch you might get jealous of the special edition Rose Gold watch face, which looks inspired by some of the most beautiful analogue watch faces out there. Luckily, Samsung has uploaded it to the Galaxy App Store for you to enjoy. It’ll also update the graphic with the time of day.

10. Peaks

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces

This one has everything. Peaks is a simple watch face at first, but look deeper and you’ll see some true beauty. It updates as the day goes along, so you’ll get an instant look at what it’s like outside. There’s also a neat shine effect going on here, making it one of the more beautiful watch faces you can download.

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