An 8K movie is being filmed using Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20

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Samsung announced earlier today that it is producing an 8K movie using its high-end smartphones. The South Korean movie titled ‘Untact’ will mostly be filmed using the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Note 20 smartphones. The company said that its new project is designed to promote 8K technologies.

Untact is being directed by Kim Jee-Woon, who has previously worked on movies like The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008), and Hollywood action thriller The Last Stand. The romantic movie casts actress Kim Go-Eun and actor Kim Ju-Hun. Except for some special shots that require additional effects, the movie is being filmed using the Galaxy smartphones in 16:9 aspect ratio and 8K resolution.

Samsung also said that it will open two 8K cinemas (Yeonnam-dong and Seongsu-dong) in Seoul, South Korea next month to show Untact on its 8K QLED TVs. The movie will also be available to watch on YouTube. The company said that its 8K cinemas will run on a reservation system so that only a small group of people can watch the movie at the same time.

Yun Tae-Sik, General Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics Korea, said, “The film ‘Untact’ is an 8K film directed by Kim Ji-un based on the 8K ecosystem led by Samsung Electronics, and we will continue to make various efforts to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the amazing experience of capturing everyday life in 8K and watching like a movie.

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