You can save $50 on the Beats Powerbeats Pro truly wireless headphones

Right now, you can save an excellent $50 on these Siri-packing truly wireless sports headphones from Amazon. Better yet, every color is on sale but only for a short time.

Amazon: Beats Powerbeats Pro - Save $50

Amazon: Beats Powerbeats Pro – Save $50

Packing the same H1 wireless chip as in the latest AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro can respond to a simple ‘Hey Siri’ command at any point, summoning Apple’s digital assistant (provided you’re paired with an iPhone).

The Powerbeats Pro will work with any device over Bluetooth but you’ll get the best experience with an iPhone, including slick wireless pairing.

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Released initially in May, it took a few more months for the full raft of color options to hit the market. They’re all now available, however, so you have a choice of the launch black model, alongside blue, green and white. All of the colors have received a big $50 discount from Amazon.

You get 9 hours of playback off a single charge, and the charging case also includes an additional 24 hours worth of juice. That’s plenty for avid gym-goers and marathon runners.

Amazon: Beats Powerbeats Pro - Save $50

Amazon: Beats Powerbeats Pro – Save $50

Amazon is describing this as a ‘Limited Time’ offer, so get your skates on if these sports-friendly truly wireless headphones take your fancy. This is the best price we’ve seen so far and likely won’t be bested until at least Black Friday.

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