Samsung’s market share in Canada drops by 6.8% YoY to 32% total in Q3

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The Canadian smartphone market is dominated by Samsung and Apple, but out of the two tech giants, Samsung has been losing market share in Canada while Apple gained 8.8% since 12 months ago, according to Counterpoint Research.Samsung’s smartphones accounted for 32% of the Canadian market in Q3 2019, down from 38.8% a year ago. Samsung is not the only OEM to have lost market share over this period, with both LG and Huawei also suffering losses.Apple and Samsung hold nearly 90% of the Canadian market combinedSamsung and Apple are the biggest players in Canada by a long shot. Apple’s market share in Q3 2019 stood at 56.5%, while Samsung accounted for 32% of the market. The third spot on the podium goes to LG with a mere 3.1% market share, down from 4.7% a year ago. Google managed to bump its market share up to 1.9% from 0.3% in Q3 2018, while Huawei’s share has dropped from 4.6% to a dismal 1.6%.

Counterpoint Research reveals that affordable high-end and premium smartphones are more popular in Canada than low and mid-range alternatives. 75% of smartphone sales in Canada have been for smartphones with a price tag above $400, and the source claims that the iPhone 11 series has had a great contribution to Apple’s success.The Galaxy Fold is unlikely to make a difference for Samsung’s Q4 tallySamsung has one more ace up its sleeve, and that is the Galaxy Fold which is set to launch in Canada on December 6 for $2,600 CAD.

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