WebADB is a hassle-free ADB tool for noob debuggers

Geeks (mostly developers) who like to tinker with their Android devices using actions like side-loading apps or unlocking the bootloader, pretty well know about Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Using the command-line tool is downright technical and noob users stay away from it due to the complexities. That said it comes very handy for debugging apps or running shell commands. All this is done by installing the ADB tool on your computer.

To sidestep all the hassle and have an easy way to use the goodness of ADB, XDA Developers member SteelToe has created an open-source website WebADB. This eliminates the need to depend on local software for basic ADB needs by debugging Android devices using any supported browser.

You don’t need any drivers or installation complexities, nor do you have to go through the frustration of device not being detected. The utility is still in beta stage, so it might be a bit buggy to start with but it does the required tasks more often than not.

WebADB currently has features that most users will cherish including APK installation, interactive shell, controlling device from the browser, and enabling ADB over Wi-Fi. Other common functions come in the form of device information, file manager, and screenshots.

For a newbie, there are certain prerequisites to be kept in mind. You need to activate Developer options on your phone by going to settings and look for device build number. Tapping that seven times will unlock the Developers option.

Then you need to head to the Debugging section and turn on the USB debugging option. Thereafter connect the phone to the computer and run the browser to use the tool. Also, keep in mind that the WebADB, for now, works smoothly on Chrome and Microsoft Edge, so it is advised to use those browsers for now.

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