Telegram’s feature creep continues with the latest update

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After gaining lots of new users ever since WhatsApp’s new privacy policy created havoc in the instant messaging app market, Telegram is doing all it can to make sure those users stick with it by adding new features to the app pretty much every month.

Back in August, Telegram added features such as the ability to have virtually unlimited number of people join your livestreams, download trending sticker packs, new animated emojis, and unread comment counters on channels. This week, Telegram has released another update for the app that makes the user experience better.

Telegram gets better… just like it did last month, and the one before that

Personalization is getting a major boost with Telegram version 8.0.1. The app now allows you to change themes for individual chats, with eight theme options to choose from (and more on the way in future updates). You can also send interactive emoji in chats – clicking on interactive emojis, such as a thumbs up or heart, will “unleash a fullscreen effect,” as Telegram puts it.

Telegram is also bringing read receipts for messages inside groups on par with what you get in WhatsApp. Two tick marks next to a message tell you if at least one other member has read your message, and you can now tap a message to see which group members have seen it.

Finally, Telegram is further improving the live streaming capabilities of the app. Group admins can now record live streams and video chats and share them in the group for later viewing by members who may have missed the live version. There’s the option to record both video and audio or just audio, and the video’s orientation (portrait or landscape) can be selected, as well.

If you use Telegram on your Galaxy phone or tablet, you can download the app from the Play Store. The latest version (8.0.1) should already be available. Also, check out the official SamMobile Telegram channel to get uninterrupted updates about all things Samsung.

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