Samsung said to unveil Zero Bezel TV at CES 2020

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Samsung is expected to raise the bar for premium TVs at CES 2020 next month. According to reports, Samsung is going to unveil the world’s first true Zero Bezel TV at the trade show in Las Vegas.Reports from South Korea suggest that this new premium TV has already received a “two-thumbs up” from Kim Hyun-seok, the consumer electronics boss at Samsung, and other top executives. An indication that this may not just be a proof of concept is that Samsung will reportedly start mass producing this TV in February 2020.Samsung Zero Bezel TV may only be available in limited sizesThe Samsung Zero Bezel TV will reportedly be available only in sizes from 65-inches and higher. This might mean that the manufacturing process is complicated enough that it’s not suitable for smaller sizes. It could also mean that Samsung wants to further differentiate its premium TVs as more consumers opt for larger screens.The report adds that this will be unlike “bezel-less” TVs that some other manufacturers have already released. Those TVs still have narrow borders despite the manufacturer’s bezel-less claims. Samsung is said to have completely removed the border that surrounds the Zero Bezel TV. It has apparently been able to achieve this by welding the display panel and the TV’s body together.While this may raise concerns about the structural integrity of the TV, particularly with the possibility of the display panel separating from the body, a developer who has worked closely on the project says that “Unlike other so-called ‘zero-bezel’ products that actually still had bezels, this product really doesn’t have a bezel. Samsung has become the first in the world to realize such an extreme design.”

It’s important to mention here that Samsung applied for a trademark on the term “Zero Bezel” in Europe two months ago. So it’s quite possible that we may get to see this new premium TV at CES 2020. Besides, CES is the consumer electronics show of the year. If Samsung is to unveil this groundbreaking new TV anywhere, CES provides the perfect stage.

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