Samsung refreshes Over The Horizon ringtone for Galaxy S20

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Samsung usually refreshes its iconic ‘Over The Horizon’ ringtone every year, a few days before the launch of a new-generation Galaxy S series smartphone. This year, it recreated the ringtone for the Galaxy S20 series, and the company says it was inspired by nature.Samsung believes that in this overly plugged-in and busy lifestyle, we can sometimes forget to take out time and just admire nature. So, it went ahead and created a fully acoustic version of its Over The Horizon ringtone to help bring you closer to the beauty of the natural world around us.With the power of nature as the core inspiration, the South Korean firm has created a fresh new take of its ringtone. It placed monochords in various natural locations such as water streams to operate a rotor-and-pulley mechanism. As the water flows and the instrument rotates, it triggers monochords to pluck the strings at the appropriate times.The resulting sound is solely created by the forces of nature. Samsung also added various natural sounds such as birds chirping, water flowing, and leaves rustling to the monochord melody. The use of electronic instruments has been kept to a bare minimum.Just like last year, the company also made a video to go with the Over The Horizon 2020 ringtone. It captures the calm views from forests, grasslands, and coastal vistas.

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