Samsung not planning to sell Galaxy Home Mini separately right now

The Galaxy Home and the Galaxy Home Mini are two of the most elusive products with the Galaxy branding. It’s been a year and a half since Samsung first showed off the Galaxy Home, its Bixby-powered smart speaker, but before it could go on sale, the company started focusing on the Galaxy Home Mini instead, with rumors claiming it would be officially announced at the same time as the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip.However, that didn’t happen: Samsung decided to only offer it as a pre-order bonus for Galaxy S20 customers in South Korea. And it seems the company plans to keep it that way for some time. That’s what a Samsung representative told a curious customer in Korea, though no more details were offered other than the fact that the Galaxy Home Mini will not be available for purchase as a separate product.How long will the Galaxy Home Mini (and the Galaxy Home) remain unreleased? That’s a question no one can answer. Samsung had told us back in October that it would be “sharing more details on the product availability soon,” but with Unpacked having come and gone, we’re still in the dark as far as a release date is concerned. And, at this point, we’re beginning to lose interest, and we’re assuming the same is true for many of those who had been looking forward to picking up the Galaxy Home or Galaxy Home Mini.

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