Samsung Galaxy S11 to bring Director’s View, Night Hyperlapse and slimmer bezels

Thanks to yet another dig into Samsung’s beta code more of the Galaxy S11’s upcoming camera features have been uncovered. The 2020 flagship will feature 8K video capture and a few new camera modes like Director’s View, Night Hyperlapse, Single Take Photo, Vertical Panorama and custom filters.

Director’s view will reportedly allow you to use multiple cameras and switch between them while shooting video. You’d have a subject locked onto in the main camera and possibly a close up second subject for the telephoto.

Samsung Galaxy S11 to premiere Director's View, Night Hyperlapse camera modes

Night Hyperlapse likely meshes some sort of night mode with a hyperlapse although it does warn you keep the phone still, so it’s maybe more of a Night Timelapse.

Single Take Photo is nothing like its name suggests. You pan your phone around for 15 seconds while it takes a series of pictures and short videos.

Vertical Panorama is pretty obvious. Right now you can fool your Galaxy into taking a Vertical Panorama but the stitching algorithm doesn’t quite know how to handle the situation, so it’s nice to finally have the ability.

Custom Filters is the final mode and it’s a bit unclear. Apparently you’ll be able to turn a photo you like into a custom filter. Perhaps the filter takes the colors and tonal hues of the photo? We can’t be certain.

Meanwhile reliable leakster Ice Universe has stated that the Galaxy S11 won’t adopt the waterfall screen used on devices like the vivo NEX 3 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro, but will have slimmer bezels than the Galaxy Note10.


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