Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint recognition bug will be fixed soon

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Recognition Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series may soon be replaced by the Galaxy S11. The Galaxy S10 trio hasn’t had any major issues. There’s only that lockout problem after a software update. A burnt Galaxy S10 5G phone was reported but it was caused by an external impact. There was also that fingerprint recognition issue but it has since been improved via a software update. A new problem was reported that involved a unit getting unlocked regardless of any biometric data stored.

Samsung has already acknowledged the bug and said a software patch will be released. The company has started working on a fix for the Galaxy S10 fingerprint recognition problem before the issue becomes bigger.

The earlier report included a woman in the UK saying her phone was unlocked by her husband. The display had a screen protector. The phone was unlocked using the husband’s own fingerprint even if it wasn’t registered on the device.

It’s not a new occurrence but it’s something not expected from Samsung. A sound explanation could be when protectors are recognized along with fingerprints. Samsung advised S10 owners to refrain from using the fingerprint recognition feature for now. The issue is being resolved so better to wait for that.

This fingerprint recognition on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is found on the in-display sensor. There is no rear physical fingerprint sensor, just this on-screen one. Watch out for an OTA alert if you own a Galaxy S10. Again, don’t use the fingerprint feature until the problem is fixed.

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