Samsung Android 12 update breaks Gmail, VPN on devices with Microsoft Intune

Enterprise customers using Microsoft Intune have been complaining about a loss in connectivity to email and VPN services, specifically on Samsung smartphones running Android 12. Microsoft Intune is a mobile device management (MDM) solution used by enterprises to provision multiple devices for an organization.

Microsoft hasn’t divulged the model numbers of the afflicted devices

The problem happens due to apps losing access to some certificates required for its operation, triggered by the One UI 4.0 update. The Gmail app throws up a “can’t find server” error and the AnyConnect VPN app shows an “unable o find certificate” error.

Microsoft has posted a few workarounds on its website, one for AnyConnect VPN and the other for Gmail. OnAnyConnect VPN, navigate to  Settings > Work Profile > Apps > AnyConnect VPN > Storage > Clear Data and manually request a new certificate. Similarly, Gmail users need to uninstall and reinstall the Company Portal app, which will request a certificate upon launch.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working with Samsung on a fix. The scope of the problem isn’t clear, so it is hard to tell if other apps are affected. It isn’t the only app affected by the One UI 4.0 update, as exhibited by the Google Keep bug we talked about earlier.

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