PowerA acquires LucidSound

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Today, Windows Central received a press release stating that PowerA, the controller manufacturer, acquired LucidSound. LucidSound is known for making incredible gaming headsets that sound just as good as they look. In my opinion, they have the best visual designs in the entire industry, as well as best quality because they use high-quality materials.

The press release said the following.

Over the course of the next year, PowerA plans on bringing LucidSound into the fold and merging operations into the PowerA umbrella in a phased approach, while maintaining the core identities of each brand… Additionally, LucidSound co-founders Chris Von Huben and Aaron Smith will be joining the PowerA team and will continue to have active leadership roles in managing LucidSound, while extending their expertise to other areas of the PowerA audio business… LucidSound is very well respected by gamers and industry professionals alike, and for good reason! As such, PowerA plans to preserve the brand and products of LucidSound. LucidSound products will continue to be available for purchase through the current channels and top-tier customer service availability will operate as usual.

This is a massive boost for PowerA and we can’t wait to see what the two companies working together will achieve.

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