[Poll] Should Samsung bring wireless charging back to mid-range phones?

Wireless charging is not a feature that is considered important for smartphones. All flagship smartphones tend to support it these days, and every Galaxy flagship since the Galaxy S6 has supported wireless charging as well. And for a couple of years, wireless charging was also available on Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A series phones.That was until Chinese manufacturers started eating away at Samsung’s market share and the Korean giant decided to start focusing on more important specs to keep the Galaxy A series relevant. Wireless charging, a feature that made Galaxy A smartphones stand out from the competition at the time, was axed as part of Samsung’s new strategy for its mid-range lineup.That strategy has worked well for Samsung, but with Apple’s $400 iPhone SE 2 recently announced with wireless charging as one of its key features, we have been wondering: Should wireless charging make a return to non-flagship Galaxy smartphones? Is it an important feature in your eyes, or is it a novelty that you can live without, especially if it means a device can offer better specs in other areas as a result?We’d love to know what you think, so cast a vote in the poll below then expand on your answer down in the comments section!Should Samsung bring wireless charging back to mid-range phones?

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