Red Magic 5G Durability Test: Watch the video here

The Red Magic 5G Durability Test is here. Zack Nelson won’t be last when it comes to some of the coolest and most interesting smartphones available in the market today. The Red Magic 5G phone is a powerful gaming phone that makes a further impression with its cooling system. A built-in internal cooling fan makes it possible so it’s something you should consider for your mobile gaming adventures. Nubia knows innovation and it’s always been bold when it comes to smartphone design and features and the Red Magic 5G is no different.

This phone passes the durability test but with some issues. The glass scratches at the usual level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. That is standard for a mid-range to premium flagship devices.

Scratching in some parts of the phone actually leaves a mark but what’s more interesting is the display under some heat. It lasted 25 seconds under the 6.6-inch AMOLED display, temporarily leaving a mark. The screen did recover but after some time.

Flexing the phone from the back and front doesn’t do any damage. We’re really more curious about the built-in cooling system of the gaming phone. That and the fact the fingerprint screen sensor has stopped working. It’s not clear when and how the display was affected but maybe when it’s being scratched.

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