Pixel 5 hands-on videos reveal under-display speaker, great camera

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Just last week we saw the first unboxing video of the Google Pixel 5, the most anticipated flagship of the year. While you’re not going to get your hands on Google’s new flagship until later this month, you will have to rely on the hands-on experiences of YouTubers getting devices to tease. After Sergiu’s unboxing, another UK-based YouTuber totallydubbedHD has uploaded two hands-on videos with a Pixel 5 provided to him by Vodafone UK without any sort of embargo.

In the first video, he offers a detailed first look at Google’s handset with camera tests and 5G speed benchmarks. The second, follow up video, addresses questions that people in YouTube comments and through social media have been asking about the phone since it was officially announced alongside the Pixel 4a 5G.

totallydubbedHD goes through all the aspects of the Pixel 5 and compares it with his Samsung Galaxy S10+, showing how impactful the camera of the former is. He also reveals the accessories that come in the box with the Pixel 5 including a power adaptor, USB Type-C to Type-C cable, and a Type-C to Type-A connector.

Google pixels are renowned for their impressive cameras – the trend continues with Pixel 5 – which is shown to produce true-to-life photos and more stable videos compared to the slightly older Galaxy S10+. The phone is also shown to effortless reverse charge the Galaxy phone and a pair of wireless earbuds. Also, in this first look video, a few benchmarking tests are done to show the way Pixel 5 performance is bumped in the outdoors with 5G speeds.

It’s long been in the rumors that Google Pixel 5 uses an under-display speaker. The video shows the absence of a top speaker (there is a right firing speaker in the bottom), but totallydubbedHD confirms that there is an under-display speaker on the top of the phone. The overall first experience with the Pixel, he notes, is fluid and very responsive. Multitasking is smooth, despite the phone’s lower-grade processor compared with flagships from other OEMs, and the biometrics are blazingly quick.

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