Next Moto phone may offer TV streaming, desktop modes

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Motorola Desktop Mode TV Streaming

Motorola shall remain in the tech business as long as possible. The Lenovo-owned brand has more reasons to go on especially that its smartphones are in demand in emerging countries like Brazil. We may not have the numbers right now but the fact Motorola comes up with several Android devices tell us there is still a demand. More improvements can still be made to Moto G series with the introduction of Qualcomm 800 processors. The company is said to deliver experiences to the Moto G that are related to desktop computing and are TV-friendly.

Yesterday’s Snapdragon summit introduced to us how powerful Qualcomm’s new chipsets can be. For Motorola, it will take advantage of the 800-series. Motorola Mobility President Sergio Bunac said: “2021 will mark the 10th generation of Moto G, and nothing would make us prouder than bringing 800-series experiences to this family.”

Motorola using the Snapdragon 800-series SoC’s may mean the next-gen Moto G phones will be more expensive. Usually, they Moto G uses Snapdragon 600-series processors. It’s for mid- to low-budget. The newly announced Snapdragon 888 is for high-end devices. Older Snapdragon 800 chipsets are still used on premium flagship devices. It’s possible that Motorola will use different processors for different categories.

A premium Moto G can be a possibility. Shown off in the video is a Motorola phone that seems to offer TV streaming. There is also a desktop mode that we can probably compare to the Dex Mode by Samsung.

The idea is nothing new because Motorola had the Motorola Atrix 4G before. The phone could be docked into a station and then used as a CPU of a computer. What do you think will it be? Let’s wait and see.

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