New Google Assistant could get shortcuts to navigate installed apps by voice

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It is no surprise that the new Google Assistant, launched with the Pixel 4 in fall last year, has some over the top features that it can accomplish after you’ve said “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”. The service that rolled out in the US, to begin with, has extended to more users with time. Tinker with the latest version of the Google app 11.3 uploaded on the Play Store produces lines of code hinting at features like “Assistant Shortcuts” to allow creating voice macros for supported applications.

9to5Google decompiled the application files that reveal a probable future of some exciting features finding a place in the new Assistant. It is pertinent to note that these features may or may not roll out in the real world. Nonetheless, it is equally exhilarating to know what these could be like if they do roll out.

Per the APK insight wherein a full page called “Assistant Shortcuts” was enabled – there could be big revamp in Assistant Settings – it could get “Assistant-enabled apps” menu to list “Installed apps that work with Assistant,” which literally translates to asking the Assistant to do things within the installed applications. Similar to how you can currently navigate through Google Photos or send Messages with voice commands to the Assistant.

9to5Google found a “Your apps” section with a suggestive line reading “Add quick voice shortcuts to these apps”. For now, the section shows YouTube and Google you can control with voice commands. Another section visible is the “Recommended Shortcuts”, which is for now empty. As we said, there is always a bleak possibility of these features to see the light of day, but if Google does deliver, this could be a very novel way for each one of us to toggle through the apps we have installed on your phones.

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