Galaxy Fold 2 should have 120Hz support on both screens, or not at all

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The coronavirus pandemic may have stopped much of the world in its tracks, but Samsung is reportedly still racing towards an August announcement for the Galaxy Note 20 and the sequel to the Galaxy Fold, which we’re calling the Galaxy Fold 2 for the time being. As we move closer to the official launch, more and more snippets of information about these devices are likely going to surface online, and recently, a rather massive Galaxy Fold 2 leak revealed something very interesting.If that leak is to be trusted (even if it is, remember that there’s always a chance things will change later in the phone’s development cycle), the Galaxy Fold 2 will feature a much bigger cover display. It’s said to feature a 6.23-inch cover display, and while that’s great to hear, the leak also notes that the cover display will have a standard 60Hz refresh rate panel and only the main display — around 7.6 inches in size — will run at a 120Hz refresh rate.And I seriously hope that’s not true. I love the 120Hz display on the Galaxy S20 series, and I’ve talked about how the higher refresh rate spoils you and makes it extremely difficult to switch back to a phone with a 60Hz display. But if Samsung does indeed plan on putting a 60Hz cover display and a 120Hz foldable display on the Galaxy Fold 2, I’d rather the company instead stick to 60Hz panels for both displays.120Hz or bustThink about it: With a considerably bigger cover display on the Galaxy Fold 2, chances are you will not unfold the device as much as you would if you bought a Galaxy Fold. And it will simply not be a great experience if the Galaxy Fold 2 will give you all the benefits of high refresh rate when you’re using the main display and drop you back to 60Hz every time you use the cover display.Because once you’ve experienced the smoother scrolling and animations on a 120Hz display, a 60Hz display just feels out of whack and makes everything look slow. It would be a shame if you would have to switch between the two on the same device depending on which mode you’re using it in, instead of having the wonders of high refresh rate in both the folded and unfolded states.I understand that foldable devices shouldn’t be expected to have every feature under the sun, not when foldables haven’t been around for long and are still finding their feet. But if that’s how it has to be right now, it would be great if Samsung would slap 60Hz displays on both the outside and the inside of the Galaxy Fold 2, because having 120Hz support on just one of the two screens would only be detrimental to the overall user experience.What do you think? Would you be okay with a 120Hz main display and a 60Hz cover display on the Galaxy Fold 2, or would you rather have either 120Hz or 60Hz refresh rate on both displays?

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