Need a case for your PC? This great one from CORSAIR is on sale for $40 off

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Though most people don’t think about them as much as other parts of a PC gaming rig, a quality PC case is nevertheless important to have, as you want something that both looks cool and can fit plenty of hardware inside. CORSAIR’s SPEC-OMEGA RGB case is one of the best cases out there right now, and for Cyber Monday it’s on sale for a $40 discount. Get it while you can!

A case fit for royalty


A case you can be proud of

This PC case from CORSAIR both looks amazing and has plenty of room inside, making it an ideal choice for any PC gamer.

$40 off for Cyber Monday

The SPEC-OMEGA RGB is one of the top PC cases on the market, and when you break down everything it offers, it’s easy to see why. With dimensions of 232mm x 516mm x 495 mm (WxHxD), it’s got enough room to fit everything a high-end PC gaming rig needs to function, as well as some extra space for extra things like liquid cooling systems or extra cooling fans. The case itself is angular and sharp, giving it a striking appearance that gamers will love, and the finish is clean and sleek. Finally, the case has RGB lighting integrated into it that you can control with CORSAIR’s iCUE software, and one side of the case is made out of tempered glass so you can see the inner-workings of your hardcore gaming system at all times.

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