Motorola Razr delays shipping to February 18

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Back in November 2019, Motorola announced the new version of its iconic Razr smartphone which looks pretty good on paper even if the price tag might make you gulp. Originally, pre-orders would have started on December 26 but they pushed it to January 26 due to “popular demand”. They would have started shipping by February 9 but it looks like there may have been too much of a demand as they have pushed things again and the new shipping date is February 18.

Motorola did not issue an official statement that the shipping of the new Razr device would now start later than originally announced. But if you look at their official online store and also with their carrier partner Verizon, the expected delivery date has now changed to February 18. We don’t know yet if this delay is because of demand vs supply issues or if it’s a more serious technical problem they encountered.

The new Razr seems to be pretty similar to the original flip phone which was hugely popular back in the early 2000s. The difference now, of course, is that this time around, you have a display that bends in half, as that is currently the “in thing” when it comes to smartphone screens. It has a 6.2-inch foldable main screen and a 2.7-inch screen for viewing notifications and other information when folded. It has a fingerprint sensor near the base and a 16MP main camera.

The price tag of $1,499 makes it one of the more expensive devices to be launched but it looks like this will be the new baseline for devices with foldable displays. It also doesn’t have a physical SIM card slot and will be using eSim so only carriers with this technology can be used with the phone. On paper, everything looks good but until we have it out in the wild, we can’t say for sure if this is indeed the hit that Motorola has been waiting for.

The other two foldable display phones that we’ve seen so far, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X both experienced delays in their release but for technical reasons. Hopefully, this is not the case with the Motorola Razr, although we’re not holding our breath.

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