Microsoft acquires hybrid tutoring platform TakeLessons

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Microsoft has acquired TakeLessons, a learning platform that allows students to connect with tutors across a wide range of subjects (via TechCrunch. Tutors can organize in-person and virtual sessions through TakeLessons, providing versatility in an environment that’s moving towards hybrid learning. TakeLessons has not shared financial details regarding the acquisition but confirms the deal on its website.

TakeLessons provides tutoring across a wide range of subjects, including music, language, math, reading, and other academic topics. It also has tutors for chess, drawing, Photoshop, and sewing. On its site, the company states, “You name it. We teach it.”

While the exact figures of the deal aren’t known, TakeLessons is a smaller platform than well-known names such as GoStudent and Brainly.

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An FAQ page goes over why TakeLessons decided to become part of Microsoft. “We’re so excited to announce that TakeLessons has been acquired by Microsoft,” says the page. “We believe this will further support TakeLessons’ mission: to empower people to learn, connect, grow, and live more meaningful lives through education.”

According to TakeLessons, weekly activities should remain “relatively the same,” though it explains that over time it hopes to improve the education experience on its platform. TakeLessons doesn’t expect the pricing or availability of instruction to change much as a result of its acquisition by Microsoft.

There are a few question marks following the acquisition. In response to the question “Will the company still be called TakeLessons?” the FAQ page states, “As far as we know, yes. We might add a “Powered by Microsoft” to our name. Of course, this is subject to change.”

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