List of Halo: Reach PC known bugs and launch issues

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Halo: Reach gameplay.

Halo: Reach gameplay.

Source: Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft has released Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC, kickstarting the migration of the hit Xbox shooter to Steam and Windows 10. The six-piece compilation sees a staged, per-game rollout commencing with Halo: Reach, reviving Bungie’s final farewell to the franchise beyond Xbox 360. That comes with significant graphics enhancements to push for 4K, alongside overcoming the challenges of the PC ecosystem bypassed by Xbox consoles.

While Halo: Reach hits PC as an impressive return to the 2010 classic, players are facing a range of graphical, audio, and gameplay bugs and issues. We’ve rounded up the most prominent Halo: Reach PC hiccups surfacing on launch day, alongside potential workarounds.

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With Halo: Reach PC rolling out worldwide, we’ll update this list with new bugs and fixes as they surface. Found a bug? Let us know in the comments.

Halo: Reach PC general bugs and known issues

Kat, of the Spartan-IIIs in Halo: Reach

Kat, of the Spartan-IIIs in Halo: Reach

Source: Xbox Game Studios

Halo: Reach audio and sound issues

Among the most widespread problems impacting the Halo: Reach re-release is a nasty audio bug, diverging from the soundscape of the original 2010 title. It means some sounds may be muffled, muted, or incorrectly mixed. Microsoft warned of potential hiccups ahead of launch, related to changes to the game’s audio encoding, with work underway on a fix. “We are aware that areas of the title don’t sound like what you or we ideally want them to,” stated Community Support & Engagement Coordinator at 343 Industries, Tyler Davis.

“It will take some time to work through solutions to improve the overall experience for audio and that work is already underway. When it is ready, we will flight to test the fixes we can make prior to updating the title. We also plan to go into more detail on our Reach audio journey in a later blog.”

Halo: Reach PC stuttering and lag

Some Halo: Reach PC users report stuttering and lag spikes across all modes. Microsoft has acknowledged issues with certain setups, however, causes and solutions will vary between systems.

Workaround: The newly-added unlocked framerate causes many stability issues for PC, likely to be addressed in future updates. However, Microsoft has warned that Corsair iCue, Logitech G-Hub, and Razer Synapse may cause stuttering with Halo: Reach PC. Disable these programs if installed, when experiencing stuttering and input lag.

Halo: Reach PC freezing and crashing

Halo: Reach may freeze or crash, as a possibility with any PC release. Many report encountering issues during start-up, with a fix likely required to avoid any possible conflicts.

Halo: Reach PC screen tearing

Halo: Reach PC may exhibit screen tearing, regardless of V-Sync, and other anti-tearing measures. The result of new frames pushed to your display mid-refresh, two separate images may display on two halves of the screen. Many users report heavy screen tearing across a variety of PC setups.

Unable to crouch while moving

Halo: Reach PC restricts players from crouching while moving their character. To crouch, players must stand still, before pressing the assigned crouch key. It’s unclear whether this is a bug or design decision at this point in time.

Other miscellaneous issues

  • When using Bluetooth-connected headphones with Halo: Reach PC, users may lose audio after opening the game’s main menu. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, attributed to how the title prioritizes devices, with a simple step-by-step fix available.
  • When a capture care is designated as the default audio input device, PC audio will transmit over the voice channel.

Halo: Reach PC Campaign bugs and issues

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear

Halo: Reach Tip of the Spear

Source: Xbox Game Studios

Tip of the Spear performance drops

Microsoft has acknowledged some players may experience cutscene performance issues throughout Tip of the Spear when using AMD hardware. While no formal fix has been provided, expect a fix moving forward.

ONI: Sword Base not loading

The game’s second playable mission ONI: Sword Base won’t load for some players. Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the issue, although appears to be affecting a handful of unlucky PC users.

Input lag during Campaign co-op

Cooperative multiplayer Campaign sessions may cause drastic input lag for all connected players, besides the session host.

Miscellaneous Campaign issues

  • Character models may temporarily desync after performing an assassination.
  • When playing cooperative multiplayer modes, entering an elevator may activate an unintended falling animation.

Halo: Reach PC Multiplayer bugs and issues

Halo: Reach multiplayer gameplay.

Halo: Reach multiplayer gameplay.

Source: Xbox Game Studios

Slow multiplayer matchmaking

While Halo: Reach PC multiplayer connectivity has proven relatively stable from launch, many report issues with slow online multiplayer matchmaking, paired with the “Connecting Session” message. Microsoft is “actively investigating” extended search times, with refinements expected over the days ahead.

Workaround: Microsoft advises players to turn off relays via the Halo: Reach “Network Settings” menu, with improvements reported for some.

Halo: Reach PC Steam bugs and issues

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Steam

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Steam

Source: Windows Central

Steam friends don’t display in-game

Halo: Reach PC won’t display Steam friends via the in-game roster unless also added on Xbox Live. You can only join Steam friends via the Steam client, rather than the in-game menu.

Workaround: Join friends through Steam’s integrated friends list.

Halo: Reach Steam Achievements fail to unlock

Halo: Reach PC players report some Steam Achievements failing to unlock, even after completing required milestones in-game.

Existing Xbox achievements missing from Steam

Halo: The Master Chief Collection hits PC with cross-platform achievements, allowing existing Xbox unlocks to translate to Steam Achievements upon linking your Xbox Live account. Some users report that existing Xbox Achievements may fail to transfer between platforms accurately.

Uninstalling Halo: Reach Steam breaks Microsoft Store install

If Halo: Reach PC is installed on the Microsoft Store alongside the Steam version, uninstalling the Steam version will remove the Easy Anti-Cheat client, and rendering the Microsoft Store game unplayable.

Workaround: Microsoft recommends players uninstall and reinstall Halo: Reach via the Microsoft Store if encountering this issue.

Missing Language Packs

When launching Halo: Reach PC is launched via Steam in Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, required Language Packs may not automatically install. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, providing a simple step-by-step fix.

Halo: Reach PC Xbox Live and Microsoft Store issues

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Microsoft Store

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Microsoft Store

Source: Windows Central

Halo: Reach PC fails to launch via Microsoft Store

Halo: Reach PC may fail to launch when installed via the Microsoft Store. This can be attributed to a variety of potential causes, both after purchasing the game or using Xbox Game Pass. Some report Halo: Reach launching only when opened via the Start menu.

Halo: Reach PC fails to download from Microsoft Store

Halo: Reach PC may fail to download, labeled as “Pending” from the Microsoft Store. Signing in to the Microsoft Store a second time, or clearing your Microsoft Store cache, may provide fixes, as detailed step-by-step here.

Have we missed issues you’re experiencing with Halo: Reach for PC? Let us know in the comments section.

Remember Reach (Again)

Halo: Reach on PC

From the beginning, you know the end

Though not perfect, Halo: Reach’s PC port is well-done, and its quality should excite fans about the other Halo games coming to the platform in the future.

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