Huawei launches Watch GT Runner smartwatch with lightweight design

Huawei has launched a new version of its GT smartwatch range – targetted at runners.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner aims to hone the GT experience towards runners, with special metrics, a lightweight design and improved GPS.

First up, the design. It looks even more sporty than the lightweight GT2e, with a lightweight design, go-faster lugs and detail on the case that Huawei says channels “supercar” energy.

It boasts a 1.43-inch AMOLED display with Harmony OS is onboard, just like the Huawei Watch GT 3 series.

There’s a ceramic bezel and titanium crown to go alongside the polymer case, with weight saving and a premium feel the name of the game.

In terms of features, there’s no too much new – as the GT 3 is excellently equipped for runners, offering loads of running-specific features. Much of the standout features of the Runner already exist on the GT 3.

But there have been a couple of targeted additions. Huawei has apparently improved the GPS accuracy with an extra ‘floating’ antennae, which enables dual-frequency GPS (already found on the GT 3) and improved lock. The upshot of the extra antennae is a quoted 135% boost in accuracy over standard GT smartwatches.

Huawei launches GT Runner smartwatch

It will also allow for route sharing and track back, which will navigate you to the start of a route, in case you get lost, which is a feature of the current GT 3.

There’s also an assessment of running levels and biometric analysis of your running – although we’re not clear how that differs from the VO2 Max and other analytics already offered on the GT series.

But the company has upgraded its TruSport system, which should improve the accuracy of metrics such as VO2 Max, Running Ability Index, Training Effect and Recovery.

It carries over the 14 days of battery life (although 7 days ‘heavy use’) and excellent smartwatch credentials of the standard GT 3 smartwatch.

The Runner is only slated for release in China right now, and as been announced with a chunky 2,188 yuan (~US$343) price tag. That could mean it reaching $400/£300 if it was to be released worldwide – which buys you a lot of Garmin/Polar watch.

The prosumer runner market is clearly dominated by Garmin and the other sports giants in the West, so we’re not sure whether Huawei will choose to compete outside of China.

It’s certainly an attractive running focussed smartwatch with plenty of benefits – although it seems as if the GT 3 has most of the key features for a lot less.

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