HTC 2019 revenue down by half compared to previous year

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HTC 2019 2020

HTC is still in the mobile business. We’re saying it still is but there may come a time we’ll be saying a different thing. It’s no secret that sales are not that good but we commend the Taiwanese tech company for not giving up. It has a number of products that we can consider great like that HTC Exodus series. HTC Desire models are still in the market but unfortunately, numbers are on a decline for the past few years. In 2018, HTC’s numbers were already bad and it’s the same in 2019.

In a disclosure earlier this week, HTC shared that its revenue for 2019 was only $333 million (10,015 million TWD). That is down from the $789 million (23,741 million TWD) in 2018. Compared to 2017, the 2019 revenue was 87% down from over $2 billion.

That’s really bad for a company we know is working hard and has some of the best ideas when it comes to mobile innovation. It’s just not making it for some reason. It’s been scaling back the phone business and there is the fact that Google acquired some portion of the business a couple of years ago.

HTC has also been focusing on virtual reality headsets and accessories. The HTC Vive line is doing great though but not enough to save the company. No word yet on how the HTC Exodus phone is doing but we’re curious about this cryptocurrency business.

HTC did enter India once again, hoping things will be better but apparently, nothing significant has happened yet. Perhaps it’s because only mid-range devices are being sold in a market where the competition is really tight. In a tweet, Bloomberg’s tech columnist Tim Culpan shared HTC’s numbers being compared from 2018 with 2019.

HTC Revenue 2018 VS 2019

HTC needs help. It needs to shape up but what can it do in this time when Chinese OEMs are dominating the mobile business? Even Samsung and Apple are being shaken up. Apple has already been bumped off by Huawei a few years ago. The top Chinese mobile OEM may not overtake Samsung anytime soon but the South Korean tech giant needs to be really careful.

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