How to Use Picture in Picture in iOS 14

At WWDC 2020, we learned about a lot of exciting new features Apple plans to introduce to the iPhone with iOS 14. One of the features fans are most excited about is Picture in Picture, which iPhone users have been requesting for years.

With Picture in Picture you can watch a video or continue a FaceTime call while using other apps on your iPhone. Just as you’d expect from Apple, it’s simple and intuitive to use. Here’s everything you need to know.


How to use Picture in Picture with iOS 14

Whether watching a TV show on Apple TV or taking a FaceTime video call, all you need to do to enable Picture in Picture mode is go back to the Home screen.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or click the Home button and your video automatically shrinks to a Picture in Picture window. This window stays on top of every other app. So you can keep watching even when you open a new app or switch between them.

Picture in Picture from Home screen on iPhone
Tap the video to reveal playback controls.

Drag and drop the Picture in Picture video to the four corners of your iPhone screen, or pinch in and out to make the video larger or smaller.

You can even swipe the video off the side of the screen to listen to audio without watching the video. When you do this, an arrow appears on the edge of the screen to show where your video is. Just drag it back onto your screen to watch again.

How do I control Picture in Picture videos in iOS 14?

While using Picture in Picture mode on iOS 14, tap the video to reveal playback controls. You can pause the video, skip forward, or skip backward. Tap the X button to stop the video and close the window. Or tap the fullscreen button to jump back into the fullscreen video app.

How do I listen to Picture in Picture without showing the video?

If you want to keep listening to a video without showing it, simply swipe the Picture in Picture window off the edge of your iPhone display. The audio keeps playing but you can no longer see the video, meaning your screen is completely free to look at other apps.

Which apps support Picture in Picture in iOS 14?

As it stands, we know you can use Picture in Picture with FaceTime and the Apple TV app. But it’s unclear what other video apps this feature will support when Apple releases iOS 14 in Fall.

Picture in Picture small in Notes app
You can use any app while watching a Picture in Picture video.

Hopefully we’ll see it with other video streaming apps, such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. As iOS 14 is still in Beta mode, it’s too soon to say for certain right now.

What else is new in iOS 14?

Picture in Picture is one of many new features coming to the iPhone with iOS 14. Other big developments include Home screen widgets, App Clips, cycling routes, and more. Check out our other posts to find out everything new with iOS 14.

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