Has Samsung delayed the Galaxy Z Flip 2 release to late 2021?

Samsung has successfully kickstarted the foldable segment with not one but two foldable smartphone series going by the names of Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. We all know this, even though it’s easy to forget how amazing it is that Samsung already offers more than a single foldable series just one year into its journey. Regardless, Samsung is in a position to launch a new foldable device every six months just like it does with regular smartphones, and thus normalize the concept even further. But this might not happen, according to @DSCCRoss on Twitter.

If Samsung will follow a six month launch schedule for its two foldable series then the company should unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 2 around February next year. However, @DSCCRoss claims that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 may not get launched until the third quarter of 2021, adding that unless Samsung has plans to release a discounted Fold SE then there will be no new foldables from the company until Q3 2021.

No reason to worry about a Galaxy Z Flip 2 release delay yet

No reasons or explanations were given as to why this might happen. For all we know, this may be just a wild guess rather than something that Samsung is really considering doing. @DSCCRoss doesn’t have the most accurate track record and although some of his predictions turned out to be true, he also got a few things wrong, such as the Z Fold 2 having an S Pen and a different camera setup than the one it got, or the Galaxy Note 20 series lacking an Ultra model.

For now, you can expect Samsung’s next clamshell foldable to debut early next year, possibly alongside the Galaxy S21 series. The mobile market is not always easy to predict. Products get tested and shelved for later use, or get canceled altogether, and plans often change, so you can rarely be sure of anything that hasn’t been officially announced. With that in mind, if you’re a Galaxy Z Flip enthusiast and you’re waiting for the sequel, you probably don’t have reasons to worry about a Q3 release; not at least until more details on the matter emerge. Stay tuned.

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