Google Maps can tell you if a transit is crowded

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Google Maps Navigation New Normal

Google Maps is one of the most widely used mobile apps by the tech giant. Anywhere in the world, it is used by almost anyone from regular commuters to travelers. In the past year of the pandemic, Google has released updates to the Maps app. More tools were delivered to Sydney train stations. More AI-powered features were promised as well. More COVID-19 details have been added to travel searches. Eco-friendly businesses around you have also been added. All these and more are ready to help you to navigate better wherever you are in the world.

Google Maps will continue to provide new tools and features to help anyone navigate and explore the world as safely as possible. We now live in the ‘new normal’ so there must be some adjustments to help keep your distance on mass transit.

Transit directions on Google Maps increased to 50% from last year especially in the United States. More than 10,000 transit agencies based in 100 countries are now benefitting from transit crowdedness predictions. With this development and thanks to AI technology, you can know if a line has lots of open seats or have already hit full capacity. You can make a decision then if you want to ride the train or wait for another one.

This update will be available first in Sydney and New York. Google will test the live crowdedness information. Data will be provided by the Long Island Rail Road and Transport for New South Wales . Hopefully, more cities with more crowd will benefit from this update.

The Google Maps also now features a Timeline Insights tab. This appears if your Location History is turned on. You can see there modes of transportation you have used int he past, as well as, the distance plus the time you have walked, biked, flown, or driven. The tab also lets you know how much you have spent at different locations.

Feel free to leave more detailed reviews on local businesses you have tried. Doing so will help keep a community up to date. Google Maps will receive more updates as we continue to navigate in this new normal. We don’t think the pandemic is ending soon so let’s continue to live in the moment and try to thrive.

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