Google Kids Space introduced as new tablet experience for kids

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Google Kids Space Features

Ask how the parents are these days. The answers will vary. Most of us will probably say we’re running out of things to do just to entertain the children. It shouldn’t be a problem because there is technology. The Internet is a lifesaver most of the time but, of course, parents must need to watch out for the things their kids watch or do. In the past few months, Google has been helpful as it regularly introduces new features and services, as well as, updates.

In the recent weeks, we remember those products and improvements to Google for Education, some updates to help the whole family this school year, ‘After School’ experience on YouTube Kids, and the ‘Read Along by Google’ app for the young children. There’s also that Google Play’s Teacher Approved program.

This week, we’re being introduced to Kids Space. It’s a new kids mode that can be accessed from select Android tablets. This program includes apps, videos, and books the children may use. Let them explore and have fun with the content available.

The program is ready on the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2 initially. More Android tablets will also follow. The Kids Space is for the children. Have them choose their interests so they can receive fresh and engaging content regularly.

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