Lumonitor: New Monitor Ushers Portable Gaming into the 4K Generation

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If you’ve ever gamed in 4K, you know it’s dangerous.

Once you experience the depth, color, and fluidity of Ultra-HD, it’s hard to go back to playing in standard Hi-Def.

This makes gaming on the go all the more frustrating. If you want to play in 4K, you need a 4K TV… and they don’t travel well.

But a new portable monitor is promising to make 4K gaming on the go easier than ever.

It’s called Lumonitor, and it’s the most advanced portable 4K monitor ever made.

Not only is the 15.6” 4K monitor universally compatible with all of your devices (including consoles), but it also features a touchscreen, a long-lasting battery, and built-in speakers, so you can get the true immersive 4K experience anywhere.

Lumonitor hasn’t hit shelves yet, but it will make a splash in the portable monitor market this fall.

Here’s a sneak peek at how this 4K monitor will change portable entertainment and a whole lot more.

It’s Incredibly Light and Thin

You’d think that the first generation of 4K gaming monitors would be clunky and heavy.

But you’d be wrong.

Lumonitor is just 6mm thin and 1.3 lbs light. That makes it the most portable monitor in its class. And it’s size is especially impressive considering it’s a 15.6” widescreen display.

Lumonitor is less than half the weight of MacBook Air, and it’s thinner than iPad Air. It’s so easy to carry that you can fit it in a laptop sleeve along with your computer and barely notice a difference.

It makes portable console gaming very easy too. Lumonitor connects to Nintendo Switch for a 4K upgrade in seconds. Even PS4 Slim plus Lumonitor clock in at less than 6 lbs together. And all you need to game in 4K is an HDMI cable.

Super Bright LED 4K

If you’re going to do 4K, you have to do it right. Lumonitor’s LED screen with 100% sRGB color range is the perfect display for the deepest blacks and most explosive colors to make any game come alive.

It makes the gloomy atmosphere in games like The Last of Us Part II much more ominous. While the zipping colors of Fortnite practically pop out of the screen.

Even more impressive is Lumonitor’s brightness scale, which is 2x as powerful as other monitors. That means you can enjoy all the nuance and immersion of 4K gameplay regardless of your environment. Whether you’re in the sun, on the bus, or at home, you’ll get the same stellar 4K experience

Optimized for Touch in 4K

If you’re playing Switch or turning your smartphone into a massive 4K screen, you’ll need a 4K-worthy touch interface to get the most out of your games.

Lumonitor is the first portable monitor made with custom touch technology to optimize gameplay in 4K.

Its new PinPoint touch technology is more sensitive and responsive to your movements, allowing you to swipe, steer, click, shoot, and bash down to the finest pixel. It’s also stylus-ready for when you’re pretending to take notes in class!

Lag-free Gaming

Maybe the most important aspect of portable gaming monitors is the latency. And the immense amount of data transfer required for 4K gaming can be a cause for worry.

Luckily, Lumonitor features a lightning-fast response time of less than 10ms to avoid any tearing or ghosting during gameplay.

As far as portable monitors go, you really can’t get any better out of existing tech. What’s impressive about Lumonitor is that it consistently outperforms 1080p HD monitors even when it’s encoding Ultra-HD 4K.

Multi-Display Ready

One of the coolest things about Lumonitor is that you have the potential to set up a full 4K gaming station that’s completely portable.

You can use multiple Lumonitors at once, so you can hook 2,3,4,5… as many as you want to your laptop. Because they each have their own internal power source, they won’t drain your device’s battery.

Lumonitor is so compact that it travels very easily. So, if you have an Alienware M15 R3 laptop plus 2 Lumonitors, you’d still only be at about 7 lbs of weight. That’s not much more than a 2-liter of soda.

Speakers on Board

It’s pretty useless to have a portable monitor for gaming if you have to lug an external speaker around any time you want to play multiplayer.

With Lumonitor, you can enjoy Hi-Fi audio when you game, watch movies, listen to music, and more without adding any weight to your load.

Lumonitor’s speakers are more than just for show. The volume gets loud and the range is dynamic. It might not rival a large speaker system, but it’s more than enough for everyone to hear in a normal-sized living room. It’s definitely enough to get the most out of your game’s audio when you’re on the go.

Of course, if you’re playing alone, you can always plug into Lumonitor’s headphone jack.

Internal Power Source

The reason Lumonitor is able to run laps around other monitors is that it has its own battery. This means that it doesn’t put extra strain on your device just to display an image.

In essence, it adds to the power of your device and ensures longer gaming sessions, clearer picture and audio, and more perks such as:

  • It charges your devices as you play
  • Multi-display support with zero effect on battery duration
  • Saves your custom audio/visual settings when you power down
  • Converts small devices to 4K touch

When it comes to reliable use and high-quality images, a portable monitor needs its own battery. Otherwise, it’s going to disappoint you. Lumonitor holds a long-lasting power source without sacrificing its sleek look or super-slim design.

Instant Connectivity

Tired of powering up, setting up, and learning the ropes just to play a game you’ve played 1000 times before?

Lumonitor requires no expertise or prior knowledge to display all of your games and media. Using Lumonitor is literally as easy as charging your phone. All you have to do is plug it into your device and start playing.

There’s no setup process or apps to download. And, you don’t have to navigate any confusing menus. Lumonitor automatically detects your device and adjusts the display accordingly.

And this is true when you use Lumonitor with literally any device on the planet. Lumonitor is universally compatible, so you can connect to your phone, PC, projector, PS4, Xbox, Switch, and anything else you use to play.

Beyond Gaming

Lumonitor is a dream come true for gamers on the go. It’s a total 4K touchscreen entertainment center (with its own battery and speakers included), in the lightest, thinnest package of any monitor of its kind.

Its 4K optimized features, lightning-fast response time, and ultra-bright display make it ideal for everything from Candy Crush to multi-display PC gaming.

And, it’s applications go much further than gaming. Lumonitor is a productivity machine for artists, freelancers, designers, coders, and anyone who could benefit from a 4K touchscreen upgrade for any device (aka everyone).

Lumonitor isn’t available just yet, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s currently in its pre-order phase, which means you can order one now for a 35% discount. Basically, you can get the most advanced gaming monitor ever made for the price of a standard display—if you manage to catch the pre-order phase before it finishes.

To see if you’re still eligible for a pre-order, visit and grab yours before they’re gone.

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