Google Cloud Print will be discontinued soon

Google Cloud Print

Google’s Cloud Print may be old technology but it still is in beta since its launch in 2010. We were wondering what are Google’s plans with it but now we’re learning support will end by the 21st of December 2020. This means all devices running on different OS will no longer be able to use Google Cloud Print. This isn’t good news for those who have been taking advantage of the system for almost a decade. If you are one of the many users, Google suggests you look for a replacement solution.

It’s not surprising that Google is taking away something important. It has the habit of launching a product or service and then would suddenly announce that it is discontinuing it. As for the Google Cloud Print, the tech giant has a reason because it has already improved native printing experience on Chrome OS.

More features and enhancements can be expected not only for Chrome OS but also for other operating systems. Unfortunately, some good things must end. Google has listed native print management features that will be discontinued soon: admin console interface, admin console policy to manage user printing defaults for 2-sided and color, support for advanced printing attributes, policy to manage PIN code printing, and policy to include user account and filename in IPP header of print job over a secure IPPS connection.

On the lighter side of things, the Chrome OS will receive new print management features for native printing. They are as follows:

• APIs for third-parties to access print job metadata, submit print jobs and printer management capabilities
• Policy to configure connections to external CUPS print servers
• Support for external CUPS print servers, including authentication

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