Google branded Fiat 500 family gets exclusive ‘Hey Google’ feature

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Fiat 500 mini hatchback is quite popular in Europe, and now there’s more coming that’ll delight motorheads. The Italian automotive giant has announced the ‘Fiat 500 Family Hey Google’ fleet of cars that come with the latest version of Google Assistant for voice control assistant not only for navigation but for much more. The cars included in the lineup – 500 city commuter, 500X crossover and 500L MPV – get the exclusive assistant features and branding on the cars. Fiat says it is the first of its kind for any car, ever!

The standout feature in this unique venture is the presence of My Fiat Action and a telematics box. This lets the user, for instance, check the car settings via the Google Nest Hub or smartphone by simply saying “Hey Google, ask my Fiat…”

Basically, the user can keep a check on vital vehicle diagnostics including the fuel levels, whether the doors are locked, current tire pressure, or even switching the emergency lights remotely. You’ll also get features like tracking your car’s location, journeys or receive notifications whenever the vehicle exceeds the speed limit or leaves the set geographic area.

The above-mentioned models will get a visual makeover too in the form of a two-tone white and black color theme, and the Hey Google badges for the wheel arches and seat embroidery. The central B-pillars of the rides will also get the signature Google molecule pattern.

According to the press release (in Italian) by Fiat, the cars show how “Google technology meets coolness.” The fleet is going to be available in 10 European countries including – Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Italy (of course), Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Poland. The 500 hatchback will have a starting price of $22,000 and the 500X carries a starting price of $30,000.

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