Galaxy Z Flip arrives in Japan via two carriers and sells out in day-one

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The Galaxy Z Flip was released today in Japan through mobile carriers KDDI and the Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company. And much like in most other markets including Canada, China, Germany, the US, and South Korea, the Galaxy Z Flip was sold out in Japan on its first day on the market, reports Blog of Mobile.The Galaxy Z Flip was released in Japan in two color options, namely Mirror Purple and Mirror Black. Both flavors were sold out, but because Samsung has yet to reveal any sales figures for its second foldable phone, there’s no way to tell which color option is more popular, or just exactly how many people in Japan now own the Galaxy Z Flip.Some people do prefer a more compact deviceThe Galaxy Z Flip had a launch price in Japan of 179,360 Yen or the rough equivalent of $1,650. That sum of money won’t guarantee the latest and greatest hardware specifications, but the Galaxy Z Flip proves that not all smartphone owners are alike.Even if we keep in mind that the exact sales numbers are unknown, the Galaxy Z Flip shows that some users do prefer a more compact or stylish device even if it means that they’ll get slightly lesser hardware components in certain areas. It’s all about function versus form, and while most users seem to care more about the former, others gravitate towards products that embrace the latter.As yet there’s no news as to when the second Galaxy Z Flip batch will be shipped to Japan, but it shouldn’t take more than a week if Samsung continues to manufacture and ship new Z Flip units at the same rate as before.

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