Galaxy S22 will soon get another Galaxy S23 camera feature

Samsung released a Camera Assistant update earlier today, boasting a new Auto lens switching feature for a few older Galaxy phones and an additional camera feature exclusive to the Galaxy S23 series. Fortunately, it might not remain exclusive for long.

The feature in question allows Galaxy S23 users to select a “prioritize focus over speed” camera mode in the Camera Assistant app. As the name implies, the feature is supposed to improve autofocus quality at the cost of focus speed.

The Galaxy S22 series will get this new camera feature next

The Galaxy S23-exclusive status of this new Camera Assistant is only temporary. Earlier today, after the Camera Assistant update rolled out, a Samsung Community moderator in charge of camera upgrades confirmed that the Galaxy S22 series will get the “prioritize focus over speed” camera option “later.”

The community leader didn’t reveal an exact time frame, aside from confirming that the S22 will have access to this new autofocus feature “after Galaxy S23.” It might come with the April 2023 update, or it might not.

It’s also possible that Samsung will bring other Galaxy S23 camera features released earlier today to the Galaxy S22 series, but there’s no mention of those.

In case you missed the news, Samsung released a huge Galaxy S23 camera update today. Not only does this massive update contain the Camera Assistant focus priority feature mentioned above but also Gallery app improvements, better sharpness processing, higher Camera app stability, and more bug fixes related to banding, Night mode, face recognition, and more.

Hopefully, more of these Galaxy S23-exclusive improvements will be brought over to older phones, such as the Galaxy S22. But for now, only the “prioritize focus over speed” is officially confirmed to be planned for release on the Galaxy S22 at a later unknown date.

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