Samsung Galaxy S23 series gets camera-improving major update

Samsung has released a new software update for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, which brings camera improvements and fixes to the Galaxy S23 trio.

For starters, the autofocus algorithm has been changed for faster photography, meaning when a user presses the camera shutter button in the default camera app, the phone’s camera takes the photo even if the focus is not completely set.

Galaxy S23 (left), Galaxy S23+ (center), and Galaxy S23 Ultra (right)
Galaxy S23 (left), Galaxy S23+ (center), and Galaxy S23 Ultra (right)

However, those who want the app to capture a photo only after a proper focus is set can change the behavior by navigating to the Camera Assistant > Prioritize focus over speed menu. You can check the image below for more details about the update.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series' March update changelog (machine translated from Korean)

Samsung Galaxy S23 series’ March update changelog (machine translated from Korean)

Note that these changes are coming to the Galaxy S23 trio as a part of the March update in South Korea, and it remains to be seen if the units in other regions will get these improvements with the April update or if Samsung will release an update before that only to deliver these improvements and fixes.

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